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Things to do

How to travel

  • Spend time with couples / couples

    Please make memories of two people in a special space different from usual.·.
    • Towadako Canoe Tour

      It is a tour of "walking" in the canadian canoes of the lake that was set in the forest of Beech that is called mystery.Participants themselves manipulate boats and row on the sparkling lake surface.A canoe that relaxes as you slide through the waterfowl's landscape and the water surface learns a sense of unity with the lake

      Period, ① From 4/27 to 7/19 · 8/21 to 11/5
          ② From 7/20 to 8/20
      time, About 2 hours, From 9: 30 to / 13: 30
      Age, from 4 years old (Children up to junior high)
  • To the senior generation

    It was relaxing I want you to feel the air by time and season
    • Nature guide tour

      Oirase Stream guide nature guide tour

      ◎ Guide time·Course
      ·course is left to the customer, but even if it is long, it is 3 hours to 4 hours as a guide.
      ·The number of people who can accommodate one guide is limited to 20 people.
      ·Yasumiya also provide information on areas around Tsutanuma around Tsutanuma, etc.

      ·The substitution of the tour operator and bus guide work is not trained.

      ◎ Price
      The usage fee ranges from 6,000 yen
      (Because it is a guide burden for round trip transportation expenses, telephone contact etc., we will charge it. )

      ◎ How to apply
      ★Please fill in the application form and fax it to the secretariat.
      ★As soon as the guide is decided, we will reply by filling in the guide name / contact information.
      ★Please discuss with the guiding guidance about the course, meeting time etc.
      ★Please pay the usage fee to the guide on the day. (The guide will be issuing receipts. )

      ※Please acknowledge us that we can not accept any responsibility for accidents in the middle of a walk.
    • Roadside Station Towadapia Takumi-Kobo"Nanbu Sakiori no Sato"

      About 40 minutes by car towards Towada City"Michi no Eki, Towadapia"
      How is the experience of traditional crafts?
      【Nanbu Sakiori】
      In North Korea where cotton can not be produced, cotton products are very valuable, and these cloths have been used with care. If it is worn out, it will be reborn into the next fabric without discarding it so that it can be used again. It is the skill of the artisan that the wisdom of the people living in the north is born.

      【Kimigara Slippers】
      "Kimigara" refers to corn peels, and as its name suggests, slippers made from corn peels are Kimigara Slippers. Towada City has a history as a horse producing area, and long ago, corn for feed (dent corn) was briskly grown. Kimigara Slippers are Kimigara Slippers in winter!
    • Oirase Sanpo in winter

      The point of the "Snow Oirase Stroll" tour
      It is a guided tour that you can enjoy the charm of Oirase you can only taste in winter.
      With snow shoes on, relaxing in the winter forests. I do not walk long distances.
      Below the white silver, a small plant such as moss waits slowly for spring to come, and the animals leave signs in the footprints.
      Because there is snow, there are lots of observation points in winter, such as the rocks outside the boardwalk and the high part of the tree trunk usually.
      Let's go find a magical mystery and art with a loupe and camera.
      Reservation is possible until 19 o'clock the previous day! (In the case of capacity, excluding the exception date)

      ▶ 10: 00-12: 00(2h) Snow Oirase Stroll
      Up to 6 people (One person can participate)
      Object, Elementary school student
      Charge, Adults participate, 5,500 yen / person
          Two adults participate, 5,000 yen / person
          3 adults or more, 4,500 yen/person
  • Spend time with friends

    Nature experiences with usual members!
    • Oirase Hyotan Lamp【Mossball Workshop】

      Handmade workshop in the Oirase Stream Museum in!
      How about making it yourself at home interior?
      You can take away healing even after you return on vacation!
      For reservations please call "TEL 0176-74-1233"

      Oirase Lamp Workshop
      ~ Small Oirase(Gourd lamp)specialty shop ~
       Oirase Gallery, we are managing display sales and production experiences for the gourd lamps. Oirase motif of "the beauty of the eyebrows" that can be viewed in Oirase, a hole is made in the homemade gourd to express "small Oirase" with light.
    • Oirase Stream guide Koke Sampo (moss stroll)

      We provide a high quality guide tour with a small number of people, watching the forest through the microscopic world. I do not know just by walking, the value and attraction of Oirase see through the micro world. I want to approach nature, want to know, I want to learn. And a guide to love Oirase and moss, why do not you try to experience the enjoyment of new Oirase Stream

      Reservation is here →