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Facility information

  • Sleeping, Room guide

    ◆, Room Information, ◆
    5 Japanese-style rooms
    Western style single, 2 rooms
    Number of floors
    Japanese-style room 3 people Western-style room 1 person
    Bed types
    "Japanese-style room" becomes a futon, "Western-style room" becomes a bed.
    Guest room features
    Each room with bath and toilet
    Number of rooms
    【Japanese-style room 5 rooms】  【Western style single 2 rooms】
    Check In
    From 15:00 to 19:00
    Luggage storage is available at the front desk.
    Check Out
    From 8:00 to 10:00
    If you check out early in the morning please contact us
    Guest room equipment/supplies
    ·tv set
    ·Empty refrigerator
    ·Bath towels / towels
    ·Body wash
    ・ Non-silicone shampoo
    ·Cotton swabs
    ·Tabi socks
  • Hot water, Information on hot springs

    Using Aomori Hiba on the ceiling,
    Yukemuri naturally brings out the scent of Aomori Hiba.
    The rock is Hachinohe 's blue stone 
    Towada Ishi (stone) where hot water moves cleanly in the bathtub
    The owner grew up as a son of a public bath, so after all Kerorin!   YES! Aomori
  • Rejoice, front desk·Guide to the entrance

    Guests staying at the entrance will be the front desk on the left hand side.
    The stay area is Tatami as you can walk with bare feet.
  • Information for food- Nina

    Oirase Gorge Onsen Lights up in the hot spring village,
    Light bulbs and wood stove are markers
    The difference in atmosphere between morning and night is soothing.
    Number of floors
  • In-facility MAP

    ·front desk
    ·All rooms

    ·Big Hall
    ·Hot spring public bath
    ·vending machine