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  • Yakitori Bar Nina

    Yakitori oirase with a oirase on oirase
    • Roast·nina串 menu
      Because it is large, I will cook from "1"
      Chicken wings of Shamorock 
      Shamo rock meatballs
      Passion chicken skin
      Oirase garlic pork pork bowl
      Negima, Wing origin, Gizzard, Bevel cartilage
      Sesame tomato bacon
      Towada burdock bacon
      There are also salads etc.
      From 180 yen
    • Single item·Meals menu
      Whimsy salad of Towada Vegetables, ¥ 680
      Towada Vegetables salad of raw ham Italian prosciutto, 880 yen
      Pickled Towada noodles, 400 yen
      nina curry, ¥ 650
      Furry chicken leopard, 500 yen
      Aomori garlic miso rice ball, 220 yen
      Craft tea, 800 yen
      Daily menu is also available
      Aomori prefecture Hachinohe shrubby mackerel, (Daily part)
      Owaki of Towada Sancho, (Daily part)
      From 420 yen
    • Drink menu
      Abundant assortment just because of Bar!
      Please enjoy Aomori Hiba sake at Aomori Hiba Pass
      ·Sake, (pure rice wine, pure rice brewery, daiginjo) comparison of three types
      ·Various whiskey · highball, (Square bottle, Mountains, Hakushu, sound, Glenfidd Bowmore)
      ·Authentic plum wine, (Shochu making, Sake Brewing)
      ·Authentic shochu, (wheat·potato·Rice·Brown sugar·Nagamine·Buckwheat noodles·Rare sake)
      ·Various sour, (Lemon·Citron·Garigari·Litchi·Pine·other)
      ·beer, (YEBISU(Living)Mug Super Dry bottle, Non al beer)
      ·Wine, (Red·White, Various bottles)
      ·Soft drink, (Aomori apple orange, Calpis, Oolong Tea, Lassie)
      From 350 yen to
    • Yakitori Bar Nina

      0176-74-1102(Akari to Kaede)
      Business hours
      18:00 to 23:00(FoodLast 22: 00)
      Up to 26 seats
      Depending on the accommodation situation, it may be difficult to secure your seat.
      We appreciate it if you can make a reservation in advance.
      Relatively guidance is available after 20 o'clock.