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  2. Entire building charter plan

Entire building charter plan

Group-wide inn rental plan

"Oirase Onsen, Akari to Kaede" inn rental plan
How to use the whole house··

·You can use the hot spring freely from check-in to out.
 It is possible to switch between men and women at your favorite time, either in the open-air bath or in the inner bath.

·Drinks are also acceptable at the on-site restaurant "薪 nina"
 You can relax from check-in.
 Please use it freely until 23:00.

·Check out is 11:00
 Relax and check out if you drink too much
 Please do not forget the morning bath.

·The large hall is a playroom with children!
 There is a table, so you can hold meetings, etc.

·You can enjoy it without worrying about the surroundings because it is a loan.  If you are a small hotel!
 Also supports events, karaoke and companions.
【New Year Party·Year End Party·Comfort party·Reunion·Mom friend association·3 generation family trip】
Please enjoy in Oirase mountain stream, Yakiyama 30 minutes from Towada city area.
  • 【Entire building reserved】2-hour all-you-can-drink all-you-can-drink plan

    【Usage period】
    Monday to Friday weekdays (Monthly fee depends on availability)

    【Number of users】
    Available for 10 to 26 people

    10 to 14 people, @ 15150 yen (Including tax and hot spring tax)
    15 to 19 people, @ 14150 yen (Including tax and hot spring tax)
    20 to 26 people, @ 13150 yen (Including tax and hot spring tax)
    ◆Children are 50% of adults.

    【Payment method, Cancel】
    As reservation money two weeks before the stay date after reservation,
    We have you transfer 50,000 yen and the reservation is officially complete.
    Please pay the remaining amount by cash or credit card on the day.
    ·It is free until 2 weeks before the stay.
    Within two weeks you will receive a deposit of 50,000 yen as a cancellation fee.